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The links below are for swim outlet, which typically has the best pricing and options for swim gear plus free shipping over $49.

  • Practice suit
  • Goggles (plus a spare pair)
  • Swim Cap
  • Towel
  • Water and Healthy Snacks
  • Bag to carry equipment - A gear bag is also a good idea and swim outlet has great options like these (cheapest) and these (more comfortable).
  • Fins (Optional) - They are optional, but most kids think they are really fun. 
    • Shorter Fins - Swimmers ages 13 and up should buy short fins like these. Short fins help keep a more natural timing to their kick.
    • Longer Fins - Swimmers ages 12 and under can buy either the short fins above or these longer fins. Long fins will be more fun and strengthen the legs more, but the kick timing is different.

Remember to label everything!

Check out this blog on summer league swim gear can be a handy reference for the brand new swim parent.

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