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Swim Meet 101

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As with all SAIL teams, weekly swim meets are run completely by volunteer parents and given the number of volunteers needed, every swim team family needs to participate. Foxcroft swim meets cannot run without a full team of volunteers. Each family is expected to provide a volunteer for two halves of each meet. Click on the Volunteers tab to learn more about the meet volunteer positions available.

Meet Absences
If you know your swimmer will not be at a meet, change their status in Swimtopia to "not attending" and notify the head coach via text.  Please let the volunteer coordinator know if the adults in your family will not be available.

Meet Information: Unless otherwise notified, All dual meets begin at 6:00 PM - swimmers arrive early to warmup. 8&U swimmers must be supervised until the tent parents check-in.

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Unless otherwise notified:

AWAY Meets
Swimmer Arrival Time 4:30 PM Warm Up Time 4:45 PM

HOME Meets
Set Up Time 4 PM - all available parents, please come to the pool to help for 30-45 minutes.
Swimmer Arrival Time/ Warm Up: (Group 3): 4:50 PM,  (Group 2): 5:10 PM,     (Group 1): 5:30 PM.  Remember: 8&U swimmers must be supervised!

We have very little parking for Home meets, and our parking lot is reserved for our guests. If you are able to walk or bike to the pool so we can save the nearby streets as well as the parking lot, it would be greatly appreciated. 

ALL Meets
Start Time 6:00 PM First half workers, please arrive no later than 5:30 PM 

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Additional Information

Items to Bring

  • Team suit
  • Goggles (plus a spare pair)
  • Swim cap, plus a spare (must be a Foxcroft cap or a completely plain, solid cap)
  • Sunscreen (even if it is cloudy!)
  • Warm clothing/Sweatshirt (even if it is warm out!)
  • Towels
  • Chair
  • Cooler with water and healthy snacks
  • Change of clothes for dinner after!
  • SHOES! A lot of sitting areas at meets are grassy areas or fields with rocks, glass and bees oh my!
  • Remember to label everything with permanent marker

Other Important Notes:

  • Every weekend, parents sign their swimmers up for their meet events in Swimtopia. The coaches are able to change entries as they deem necessary. Relays are selected by the coaches only and are subject to change at any time (even during the meet). Divisionals events are chosen by the coaches.
  • On the day of a meet, after morning practice, please rest. Stay indoors. A movie or indoor play is encouraged. Swim team members are not allowed to stay at the pool after morning practice. 
  • At the meet, snack on healthy items, like trail mix, fruit, bagels. You do not want to eat fatty foods since they tend to sit in your stomach for longer periods of time. Ideally, your stomach should be empty when you step up on the blocks so your blood supply can be totally devoted to your muscles. Be sure to drink plenty of non-sugar fluids (fruit juice or sports drinks). Do not drink carbonated beverages or eat candy. 
  • During the meet, swimmers must stay in the designated team area so officials can find them for their event. Parents, please reinforce with your swimmers about keeping their area clean, items in their bag, and throwing their trash away.
  • If you must scratch (can’t swim) from an event or events at a meet, inform your coach immediately. Scratching without permission from the coach could result in a penalty. 
  • Please do not interrupt coaches during an event unless it is absolutely necessary. DO NOT SIT IN THE COACHES’ AREA AT ANY MEET. Please be polite to all Meet officials, opposing team members and families and most of all, to each other.
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