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Parent Volunteers

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Parents are expected to participate as volunteers to help all meets (home and away) run smoothly and effectively. The success of our team and each season is dependent on such parental involvement.  We are a small team, therefore, each family is expected to provide a volunteer for two halves of each meet. You will receive adequate training to participate in one of many areas essential to success of the meet.  We request that all parents certify for timer, runner, and records/ribbons. Certification tests are taken on the SAIL website.

Scroll to the bottom to learn more about each roll.

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SAIL Training

2022 Officials Training Schedule TBD.


  • There are two ways to become a certified official
    • You must attend the training and pass the SAIL online test OR
    • Send current USA swimming certifications to officials@swimsail.org (be sure to specify Foxcroft) and pass the SAIL online test.
  • All Starters must take both Stroke & Turn and Starter classes.
  • All Referees must take S&T, Starter, and Referee classes.
  • Clerk of Course is required for anyone with less than 2 years of experience.
  • Timers, Records, Ribbons and Runners training information is on the testing page and every team needs to meet the required number of certified officials.
  • No computer operator training this year
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Meet Volunteer Positions


  • 3 Timers each lane: time swimmer in his/her assigned lane in each event/heat (when available, additional recording timer notes times on swimmers blue entry card)

Recording timer*

  • Records times provided by the three timers to swimmers blue entry card

Head Timer*

  • Assists in assigning swimmers to correct lane
  • Reviews swimmer entry cards to make sure all times have been recorded
  • Instructs all timers when to clear watches
  • Signals starter/referee when swimmers/timers are ready to begin next heat


  • Pick up time cards from timers (or recording timer if being used) to take to records - Cards should be in order by heat and lane

Records & Ribbons*

  • Records average time of three on blue entry card and pass to Computer person
  • Keeps track of individual and relay pool records and updates record board
  • Informs Starter of individual or relay pool records that have been broken
  • Places label on appropriate ribbon based on heat and finish
  • Files ribbons in swimmer folder


  • Operates computer software during the meet
  • Prints event labels for placement on colored ribbons
  • Produces weekly heat sheets and coordinating SAIL divisional computer reports with coach’s assistance

Clerk of Course**

  • Responsible for having the swimmers report to the starting area in a timely manner
  • Keeps meet moving in an orderly manner
  • Arranges swimmers according to age, event and lane

Stroke and Turn Judge**

  • Ensures all swimmers are following SAIL rules relating to the swimming stroke for the event.
  • Reports rule violations to Referee


  • Starts each event/heat
  • Makes sure the events and heats are arranged correctly
  • Keeps meet moving at a reasonable pace


  • Makes decisions regarding stroke and turn results
  • Makes sure meet is run in a timely and safe fashion

Tent Parent

  • Serves as part of the Clerk of Course team ensuring all swimmers leave the tent area in time to check in with CofC before their swim.
  • Ensures swimmer safety and good sportsmanship while waiting in the tent.


  • Set up and clean up concessions for home meets
  • Arrange for any vendors or catering deemed necessary

*Online SAIL certification required

** In person training and on-line certification required; held via zoom or at First Baptist Church, Greenville. For more information, visit https://sail.swimtopia.com/training

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